What is Theraplay?

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My son used to be very violent, swearing, out of control. He would take clumps out of my hair, he would bite and he would kick.  He suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), diagnosed when he was five. If you were to ask him to not do something, he would blatantly do it. His behavior took a toll on me. I had to go on medication at one point to cope with him. I started to question myself. You do start to blame yourself; you start to believe what other people say. You feel sometimes you are the only one in the world. You feel that kids are all good kids and yours is the only one acting up. They stick out like a sore thumb.

I believe my child has been changed from the Theraplay he received at his school. I noticed changes from the very beginning. He cut down on swearing, grabbing people, hurting almost immediately. I feel that instead of heading into troubled teens, there is a transformed boy. He still kicks off like normal children, but he manages his anger. He is not so impatient. Before Theraplay I couldn’t even talk on the telephone—he would be into everything. He doesn’t do that anymore. He is quite calm.


*Note:  These Theraplay stories are all told by real clients, but their names are being withheld or changed to protect their privacy.