Certification Procedures

Overview of the Theraplay Practicum

Graduates of our Level One Theraplay & MIM training may apply to the Theraplay practicum to become a Certified Theraplay Therapist.

We offer three levels of certification

Practicum Students  who are licensed mental health professionals will receive recognition of their progress upon completion of each of these three levels.

  • Theraplay Practitioner Level I: 8 supervised sessions
  • Theraplay Practitioner Level II: 20 supervised sessions
  • Certified Theraplay Therapist: 37 supervised sessions

Practicum students who are working on their degrees and/or licensing or who will always work under clinical supervision may earn Associate Theraplay Therapist certification. 

Practicum students who are not mental health professionals, such as occupational therapists and special education teachers, may earn Specialized Theraplay Therapist certification. 

To download information about certification as a Group Theraplay Specialistclick here.

Education Requirements

Masters or doctoral degree in a mental health field specializing in working with children and families.

In countries that do not follow the U.S. education and licensing model, applicants will be asked to demonstrate an educational background that is equivalent to the above; they must be able to work independently and take responsibility for the welfare of their clients according to the rules of their country.

Training Requirements

  • Level One Theraplay & MIM, four day training
  • Level Two Theraplay & MIM, three day training

Our Supervisors

Certified Theraplay Supervisors have a minimum of two years experience as a Certified Theraplay Therapist, and have undergone a rigorous practicum to become a supervisor, including successfully supervising at least four students and passing a written exam.  For more information about individual supervisors, click here.

Contact our Practicum Manager for more information about Supervision and Certification.

Supervision Options

  • You may upload your videos to a HIPPA secure platform via Hightail by clicking the link. 
  • Working from a hard copy? (DVDs and drives) please mail directly to The Theraplay Institute, Attention Andrea Bushala. You may preference written or phone feedback from your supervisor
  • Participate in web supervision groups, an easy way to earn credits from the comforts of your home and office
  • Set up face-to-face supervision