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  • Why a child’s play with parents is so important

    By Andrea Bushala, LSW

    As parents, we are thrilled when our children play with their siblings, their friends or even better, go off and entertain themselves. And while each type of play is important in a child’s development, play WITH parents is critical for healthy development.  Joyful interaction with parents begins the moment a child meets his parents.  We use our voice, facial expressions and movement to interact with and engage our babies. These activities help babies feel safe and secure, critical for early brain development.  

    In the toddler years, games like Peek a Boo and This Little Piggy build a child’s ability to maintain attention and control their excitement. These games continue to build and organize growing brains.  As children grow, the games you play with children should provide mild challenge so that they build their sense of mastery and competence.  

    School age children often enjoy games like Simon Says , Mother-May-I or Red Light, Green Light as a way to connect with parents and other adults in their lives.  And remember to let your children win and experience success in games more often than not!

    For over 200 engaging and fun activities to create joyful connectedness with your children, order our Parenting the Theraplay Way book!


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  • Theraplay in the classroom

    Sunshine Circles Training

    Learn how to introduce this amazing socio-emotional development group to your school. New! Teacher Resource Manual now available! To register for July 25, 2014 training in Evanston, Illinois click here! 


  • Attachment-Based Therapeutic Parenting

    Attachment-Based Therapeutic Parenting for Your Adopted/Foster Child

    Adopted and foster children often need a different kind of parenting. Come learn specific ideas and techniques to help bring joy, fun, and laughter back home to your family. These techniques are based on the latest information about attachment and trauma. Register for July 26th full-day session at The Theraplay Institute. 

  • Theaplay Training

    DDP Level One With Dan Hughes and Theraplay Level One & MIM

    New! Come to The Theraplay Institute in November and receive both Level One trainings in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) and Theraplay back-to-back! To register for DDP at The Theraplay Institute click here. To register for Level One & MIM click here. 

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