The Theraplay Institute and The Cradle announce new partnership to provide parent training opportunities!


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Upcoming Training Schedule

Read all about the 1st UK Theraplay Conference

What is THERAPLAY? An Overview Seminar for Professionals


Watch this video to learn more about Theraplay!


    Trauma-Focused Theraplay, Eliana Gil, Ph.D.Eliana Gil, Ph.D. has worked in the field of child abuse and prevention since 1973.  She is a prolific author, most recently Helping Abused and Traumatized Children:  Integrating Directive and Non-Directive Approaches (2011).

    "I cannot say enough about Theraplay.  You have to experience it.  You have to watch what happens to your clients when applied carefully and purposefully.  

    As an integrated clinician, I am eternally grateful for this wonderful technique, deceptively simple, amazingly accessible, and tested over decades with thousands of parent-child dyads.  Its application is without bounds, and my purpose here is to encourage clinicians to think about Theraplay as a therapy of choice for trauma and its subsequent clinical issues."



    Donaldson Adoption Institute considers Theraplay an Adoption Competent Specialized Treatment.

    The Donaldson Adoption Institute’s mission is to better the lives of everyone touched by adoption through sound research, education and advocacy that improves laws, policies and practices.



    Douglas Goldsmith, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of The Children’s Center, a private not for profit agency serving the mental health needs of families with children under the age of 8 years.



Latest News & Events


  • Theraplay in the classroom

    Sunshine Circles Training

    Learn how to introduce this amazing socio-emotional development group to your school. New! Teacher Resource Manual now available! To register for the March 30, 2015 training in Evanston, Illinois click here! 


  • Attachment-Based Therapeutic Parenting

    Attachment-Based Therapeutic Parenting for Your Adopted/Foster Child

    Adopted and foster children often need a different kind of parenting. Come learn specific ideas and techniques to help bring joy, fun, and laughter back home to your family. These techniques are based on the latest information about attachment and trauma. To register for an upcoming full-day session at The Theraplay Institute click here.

  • Adopt


    ASAP National Post-Adoption Conference – June 1-2, 2015

    The Theraplay institute invites you to join us at our upcoming ASAP National Post-Adoption Conference that will give professionals, policymakers and leaders in the fields of adoption, foster care, and child welfare the opportunity to learn about and share effective practices and policies. This unique event will not only provide knowledge, but also tools and inspiration to enhance adoption preparation and post-adoption services and thereby achieve tangible and lasting results. For more information click here.


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